Healthcare – Assisted Living


Dorsky Hodgson + Partners
Architectural Designer
Cleveland, OH February 2003 – September 2004

Friendship Village (FP)
Hill View Manor Retirement Community (CD)
Goodwin House West, Fairfax, Virginia (DD)
Kendal at Granville (DD, CD, FP)
Kendal at Longwood, Health Center (CD, B)
Montefiore Renovation (FP)
Porter Hills Presbyterian Village (DD)
Slovene Home for the Aged (PD, SD, DD)
St. Edward-The Village at St. Edward, Nursing Home Renovation Study (SD)
Sumner at Manor House (DD)
Sumner on Ridgewood (CD)
Sunset Village of Georgetown (DD)
Village at St. Edward Nursing Home (SD)

– AutoCAD support per architect/engineer redlines (mechanical, plumbing, structural, food service, topographical maps, grading, door hardware sets, interior paint selections, millwork, etc)
– AutoCAD transfer of blueprints, scanned sketches into DDs
– Set up life safety graphic symbols for fire safety sheets
– Drafted a comprehensive package of all ADA equipment, toilet accessories for interior elevations and enlarged floor plans for various projects via ADA compliances
– Designed block families of MEP equipment, glazing/door schedules via Excel
– Drafted 12 pages of interior elevations from SD to final
– All projects: Graphics/Graphic Programming Response packages: 11×17 Response packages on all public, private program spaces, adjacencies, square footages, ADA requirements, and design issues; coordinated with interior designers and PMs for docs and specs; color rendered all floor plans and interior elevations
-All projects: Illustrator/Photoshop presentations of photographic images,
“Welcome” signage, furniture layouts, site plans, exterior storefront selections, interior finishes
– All projects: Field investigation/observation surveys: verified existing
square footages and set up spreadsheet package of total gross for all spaces

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