Project Coordination, Business Development


Project Coordination, Business Development
Harding Partners
Chicago, IL April 2019 – March 2020

Chicago Housing Authority – Alfreda Barnett Duster Apartments
Scope: Physical Needs Assessment for affordable housing on readily accessible areas by identifying physical deficiencies in the property and prepare opinions of probable costs for maintaining the property as safe, comfortable, and as affordable housing in Chicago.

Project Admin/Coordination
Set up Request for Payment to CHA and a Waiver of Lien to Date. Updated record database tracking for open invoices and reimbursables to and from consultants, client, etc.

Design Dev/Specs/Research
Revised and set up CHA Capital Improvement Program Table of Contents & Cover for Duster DD submittal, using references from Addendum Specifications Project Manual

Lloyd Lewis House 
Keyed in word document for PH to email out on flooding issues of current situation of house; Keyed in/set up invoice for project file and client submittal.

Skokie Central Synagogue
Set up new and updated pending invoices, expense reports and consultant invoices for client submittal and internal office server; Set up correspondences with a construction payout request attachment; Set up project spreadsheets including employee hours, expenses, consultant, reimbursables, etc.

St. Gertrude ExteriorNorth Façade, South Facade
E-signed/dated per PH on Change Orders per Archdiocese of Chicago for contractors involved; Keyed in changed input for both change orders; Set up new invoices for client and consultants; Input data into Archdiocese Payout Request for Invoice.

Chicago Housing Authority – Altgeld Gardens
Keyed in/updated Additional Services contract on authorization of service; Keyed in Fee Analysis docs TOM 03; Keyed input to TOPRA document for CHA; Keyed in word document agenda for meetings.

Vivian Carter Apartments
Set up word document write up to contractor regarding overdue invoices; Worked with Joint Venture partners on retrieving any updated invoices, documents, or comments on projects jointly ventured with HP on E-Buide

Corliss High School Renovation 
Chicago Public Schools
Issue for Bid – Addendum 

Construction Admin/Office Admin Bidding & Construct
Addendum No. 2: Edited Membrane Roofing Spec section (23 sheets total); Addendum No. 3: Updated revisions to Bid Alternates by Trade Package word doc (Request for Bid) proposal; Specs word document revisions; Bulletin 3 document revisions; Updated labeling for Tech Binder via InDesign to add in RFIs, Bulletins; Set up invoice from HP to Joint Venture for Bidding, Const. Admin Services.

Construction Docs/Specs/Research
Double checked and proofread all sections per Book 3 – Technical Specifications; Project Manual Bulletin document-editing

General Tasks
Set up summary spreadsheets for all Architect/Client invoices, listing invoice number, date, amount, project name, phase number, check date, and whether paid or not per projects. Three spreadsheets per project: one for HP, one for Smith and Smith, and one for Smith Harding Joint Venture. 

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