Residential/ Hotel High-Rise Project (100% DD, 25% CD, Progress CD Set)

HKS Architects, Inc.

Fairmont, Turnberry Isle Ocean Resort Hotel & Residences

Self-taught REVIT using tutorials, coordinated daily with headquarters office @ converting REVIT files of all floor plans, elevations, and sections into AutoCAD files database for all phases, drafted all residential floor plan layouts, drafted all details, set up all stair sections, set up all index sheets and wall schedules and detail callouts, material spec, and interior elevations for all stairs, created detailed room matrix tabulation spreadsheet for all 35 floors, assigned material selections for all interior walls of base levels, verified and updated last minute ramp and stair issues per redlines, last minute changes to parking spaces according to occupancy load specs, verified all life safety wall ratings.

A2.43-5 1BR-R/ QQS-R Typ Interior Elevations               A2.44 1BR-King/ QQL Enlarged Floor Plan/ Ceiling Plan

hks-9 hks-10

A4.04 Levels 32, 33-39 Reflected Ceiling Plans              A8.13 Enlarged Stair Sections

hks-11 hks-12

Fire Wall Discrepancy Analysis                                      Ramp Wall Analyis

hks-13 hks-14

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