Residential Condo Complex (Permit Set)

HKS Architects, Inc.

Veranda Park, Building 3

Comprehensive verifying of un-coordinated/outdated DD package, drafted DD into CDs via redlining, verified all old x-references linked into original drawings by re-aligning all levels of roof plans and exterior elevations, verified all balcony widths, CJ locations, pre-cast notchings, roof plan perimeters, and set up a “clean drawing” command in eliminating duplicated line segments, purged overlapped layers, and duplicated linear dims, set up a storefront window database of mullion dims/specs, and verified exterior cast stone trimmings on stone cladding columns by aligning exterior face with face of precast, created roof details by drawing out its components

A9.10 Level 01 Plan Details @ Typical Base Columns        A9.15 Level 01 Plan Details @ Elevation Points

hks-1   hks-2

A9.71 Roof Level Plan Details @ Elevation Points           Section Details @ Soffits

hks-3  hks-4

Wall Section/Section Details                                           A8.01 Panel Elevation/Section/Details

hks-5  hks-6

(A.801, A8.10 Sheets: Color coded all pre-cast notchings with a tag: discrepancy or no discrepancy, new, old, and completed tags. ie: T74: needs new trim detail drafted, T192: dims overlap with T36, T43: needs new detail drafted, T81: dims differ, etc)

A8.10 Panel Elevation/Section/Details                             Precast Notching Analysis

hks-7 hks-8


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