Healthcare – Facility Planning

ProjectONE | Ohio State University Medical Campus Expansion Project
OSU Medical Campus Hospital Exploratory Exercise
Contractor with Design Consultant in Columbus, Ohio
Florida, 2010 – 2011

Scope: To create an operational workflow presentation using Evidence Based Design approaches.      

Service Areas per Patient Room:

  • EVS (storage for trash carts)
  • AGV (carts for chemo, incinerator for non-hazardous & recycled, dock for pick-up)Soiled
  • Linen (laundry chute for garments and linens)

Responsibilities: Graphic analysis of 3 staff members cleaning during routine, discharge and isolation scenarios.  Evaluate client needs with staff duties of cleaning supply carts and dropping off linen/waste into appropriate service areas.  Research recommended on environmental products and its specs. Integrate “best management practices” of products into CAD. Compare “baseline” vs. “forecast” place-making of Healthcare FF&E products.

A color coding system was set up to show which cleaning products were needed for patient rooms and storage areas.  An in-depth study of all product specifications was researched by setting up spreadsheets.  Enlarged floor plans and interior elevations were used via color coding to show what was required to accommodate for a more environmental approach.

Preliminary Explorations: Weeks of exploring, site visits and creating specification spreadsheets 

Final Presentation: Study how staff workers routinely clean out patient rooms according to time, traffic and scheduling.

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