Project Management Qualifications

1. Preseverance

2. Excellent Multi-Task abilities

3. Exuberant drive for excellent results and diligence

4. Strong Project Management skills:

  A) Scheduled progress & “brainstorm” sessions

  B) Breakdown of internal deadlines to meet external 

  C) Good judge on how much time & workload involved in advance 

  D) Delegate to accomplish more under less time

  E) Prioritize 50% completion of details vs. 100% completion of generic   work as more feasible

  F) Re-prioritize tasks if last minute changes

  G) Excellence in double-checking and reviewing via different platforms   (computer, print hard copy, overhead projector, etc)

  H) Bring energy with team players

  I)  Always focus on the overall while under-going detailed stages

  J) Apply real-life situations via interviewing industry professionals

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