Postcard Gallery Museum

Postcard Museum Studio Project: Mirror study to control space by reflecting and directing spatial flow. The exercise “Threshold… Entry, Path and Destination” portrays spatial movement using foam core. Black was to give a warm feeling of entering and exiting the spaces.

Full scale gallery wall design allows different materials to connect the visitor as you walk through the space. Observer experiences spatial fluidity through transparency, reflectivity, opacity, and translucency. I created a multi-functional, “flowing” wall to connect physically and visually, similar to the Mirror study. This was a good observation on how materials can become “alive” through functioning.

The wall section model: A proportional scaled glass wall alternating with an opening gives a solid and void relationship. Within each “flowing” exhibition, mirrors, postcards, and or observing can be accomplished in many ways.

postcard-1 postcard-2 postcard-3 postcard-4 postcard-5 postcard-6