Municipal County Agency Project (Programming Analysis)

DLZ Ohio, Inc.

Preliminary Review of the Fit Plan Study for the Ameritrust Complex

This Fit Plan Study includes 4 existing buildings: the original Cleveland Trust Rotunda, existing Ameritrust office tower (29 story), the Prospect Building, and the Huron Building (H&P). The study also includes a proposed 5th building (17 story) tower adjacent to the Ameritrust and its Elevator/Mech/Stair Core. All these buildings SF were documented as “usable” and “programmable” for this project.

As a team, I coordinated a full package of written documentation, analysis charts, spreadsheets and all rendered floor plans (all floor plans) inclusive. I color coordinated all plans via a customized CAD pen system.  As a team, with the County planning committee, we developed stacked diagrams and floorplates for all levels to determine where to add and adjust 38,000 SF within all 5 buildings.

The consultant required a programming analysis and usable SF needs summary.  The additional 17 story was determined to suffice per the County’s legal requirements for this study.

Building Usable & Program Usable Spreadsheets (Floor to floor basis)

Sub Basement to Floor 11                                        Floor 12 to 26


Floors 27- total, H & P building


Floorplates from Sub Basement to the 29th Floor

Sub Basement                                                              Basement


First Floor                                                                    Second Floor


Third Floor


Stack Sections showing Agency adjacencies

Stack Diagram


Detailed Floorplates of Typical Floor Plans

Floor Plan 1                                                            Floor Plan 2

dlz-15  dlz-16


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