LEED BD+C (Building Design + Construction)
(USGBC) United States Green Building Council
November 2009 to 2013
License 10031164

LEED NC (New Construction)
November 2007-2009
License 10031164


USGBC (US Green Building Council) South Florida Chapter
LEED Status: LEED for Hospitality v4
Miami, FL March – May 2013
Task Force Leader, Architectural Consultant
Natural Design Talent Competition 2012

  • Led a team of board members, local architects, engineers, and students for final RFP submittal for hotel client, Cambean Hospitality (Bidding, Engineering Systems)
  • My role: incorporated all winning teams floor plans into one Design development drawing; set up detailed spreadsheet of task force team players roles; documented existing photos of structural conditions and LEED credit applied details at site visit of existing hotel; researched additional LEED retrofitting credits/solutions in collaboration with winning teams LEED Analysis; All work of three finalist winning teams compiled into one lengthy narrative with another team member for RPF submittal to hotel client


Kaufman Lynn Construction
LEED Status: NC Registered as Silver
Boca Raton, FL March – May 2013
IDP Intern gaining Construction Phase experience
Downtown Boca Raton Library

  • Attended weekly OAC meetings and construction phase walk thru’s – both included LEED NC checklist discussions; observed and report all findings (CD)


Pirtle Construction/Spinnaker Group (LEED Consultant)
LEED Status: NC on existing site
West Palm Beach, FL March – May 2013
IDP Intern gaining Engineering Systems experience
North Palm Beach Elementary

  • Weekly OAC meetings: Attended meetings and observed a Contractor Charrette for LEED redits reviewing goals and basic LEED procedures; LEED scorecard was reviewed for potential and non-potential maximum and minimum points available (ie. YES, NO, and ? categories); Fundamental commissioning steps and LEED online submittal was discussed.
  • Site observation walk-thru’s
  • LEED NC surveying with Spinnaker Group consultant: Assisted in documenting photos on existing landscaping conditions, existing stormwater runoff location for SS category; Reviewed updated addendum to Site Assessment documentation report.


CCS Architecture and Interior Design
LEED Status: Pursuing LEED EB O&M
Boca Raton, FL December – April 2013
Project Manager
Konover Building, Deerfield Beach: Pursuing LEED EB – Gold Level (due to incomplete LEED NC process prior to final construction phase)

  • Compiled a current Site Assessment survey (and photo documenting) for exterior and interior with another employee (as we divided up tasks and categories)
  • Challenge: Compare current with survey/checklist not completed in 2008 for LEED Gold
  • Per credit, per category, set up a detailed chart identifying what type of supporting documentation/ form/ calculations are needed to fulfill that particular credit and or category
  • Comprehensive online research of locating files for documentation and co-wrote a lengthy narrative informing the client on what necessitates the existing yet newly constructed project to pursue an alternative LEED Rating System.


ecoPreserve: Building Sustainability
LEED Status: LEED EB projects
Orlando/Delray Beach, Florida, September 2011
Graphic Designer

  • Marketing collateral for intra-office proposals


The Ohio State University Medical Campus
LEED Status: LEED Healthcare (general exploratory exercise)
Columbus, Ohio September 2010 – February 2011
Sub-contractor with DesignLogics for HOK
James Cancer Hospital and Acute Care

  • Operational Workflow of Cancer Patient Rooms (using LEED categories)
  • https://nathaliejsiegel.com/recent-consultant-work-projectone/
  • My role: Create a graphic analysis for 3 staff members cleaning during routine, discharge and isolation scenarios. Research patient needs of staff duties in cleaning supply carts and dropping off linen/waste into appropriate service areas. Research recommended environmental products per LEED Healthcare guidelines and its specs.
  • Compare “baseline” vs. “forecast” place-making of Healthcare FF&E into CAD products: EVS (storage for trash carts), AGV (carts for chemo, incinerator for non-hazardous & recycled, dock for pick-up), and Soiled Linen (laundry chute for garments and linens).
  • Enlarged floor plans and interior elevations via graphic representation to show required accommodations for a more environmental, leaner approach


Women in Engineering Program Engineering College at The Ohio State University
Teacher, Class Designer
Columbus, OH August 2010


LEED Tutoring
Study sessions

  • Currently tutor local college students pursuing certification or need a refresher course
  • Prepare 3-ring binder study guides with sample quizzes, questionnaires and flash cards (fee-based)

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