Healthcare Continuing Education

November 17, 2011
The Evolution of Healthcare Design: From the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment
4 hour course for Healthcare CEUs in AIA, NCIDQ
Sponsored by IDCEC (Interior Design Continuing Education Council)

Topics included: how much Healthcare design has come since the Dark Ages; the way patients were treated in the 1980s they are presently treated; how the human response can positively impact a patient’s environment; associations such as EDRA, AAHID, and Evidence-Based Design Approaches; Healthcare design as therapeutic; Aging Population: who are we designing for; the hospital setting, the employees, patient-centered design, and related fields affected by healthcare design and the evolution of all.

The past 2 decades have tremendously transformed the way we all view hospitals. As patients are more globally-aware of possible advances and positive outcomes throughout their hospital stay, they have higher standards set for better results and long-term benefits. Healthcare design needs to quickly adapt to patients quick demands. All in all, efficiency and improved healthy lifestyles will be enhanced for stabilizing Aging generations and controlling future generations.

November 17, 2011
What Are You Going to Use: The FF&E of Healthcare Design
2 hour course for Healthcare CEUs in AIA, NCIDQ
Sponsored by IDCEC (Interior Design Continuing Education Council)

Materials and furniture and how they are applied to Healthcare facilities were throughly studied in this course. Vast selections, codes (ADA), product requirements, specifications, feautures, and factors were all identified in creating a healing and wellness environment. Questions were discussed: Who am I designing for? Who else will participate in this space? What is the patient poopulation and their special needs? Will my design be part of the therapeutic process? How do I integrate an aesthetically pleasing space with one that functions properly for all occupants while addressing all significant health, safety of those treated?

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