Nathalie J Siegel, AIGA Member
NJS Resume

Nathalie J Siegel is an energetic self-starter, exhibiting a natural talent with a formal education in Graphic Design and Architecture. She brings excitement and a broad range of multi-disciplinary thinking to the table by envisioning how the project scope will affect its community, its citizens, and its environment.

Graphic design plays a major factor in her contributions as an aspiring architect, since she has so many ideas needing to be expressed via different art media.

With a multi-disciplinary background, Nathalie J believes observing different media helps enhance better design solutions. Depending on the audience and demographics of a particular project, she is equipped with the ability to target the correct audience and then connect graphically.

LEED, way finding, and place-making are other versions that influence a building or a legal zip code. Graphics really cannot be truly fulfilled until smaller parts are developed, naturally and structurally. This works in analogy where a confluence of people from all walks of life, interact by accident, by fate, or by plan, around a design. Visual ID, physical place-making, and eye observation are stellar influences in “project-functioning”, like a story to walk through.

As Nathalie J holds a second-term board position of Graphic Design/Communications Chair for United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in South Florida, she virtually connects all members intact with the sustainability movement via engaging and activated e-newsletters as well as webpages.

Graphics as well as typography are determined accordingly, depending on the type of audience and demographics the work attracts.

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