Bid for Proposal on CSI Division 05700 Decorative Metal, Brass

Starbucks Roastery Build Out: Bid for Proposal: Independent Contractor with Toledo Twisted Iron, Industrial Designer in Toledo, Ohio
Chicago, IL January – March 2019

Comprehensive research on all items to bid pertaining to CSI Division 05700 on Decorative Metal, specifically Brass. Materials to be bidded included, brass wall bases, steel shelving tubes with brass finish, afterburner flue brass cladding, brass inlay material for floors, corner guards, and facia panels, etc.

Following the bid list of items, a 4-page 11×17 comprehensive spreadsheet was developed. All measurements, details, and data were extrapolated into categories identifying length, width, circumference, height, perimeter, and specifications of each item using calculations, CAD drafting, architect scale, and cross referencing via detail sheets in the drawing set.

Marketing Proposals for Religious Projects

Marketing Proposals
Coordinated and wrote up bio statements and project summaries for potential future project clients on a religious sanctuary institution in Northern Illinois.

Anshe Emet Synagogue: Team-coordinated an updated look for mailer marketing postcards on a completed Harding Partners project to mail out to hundreds of Jewish institutions, private sectors, and non-profit organizations supporting the Jewish community. Set up a comprehensive spreadsheet directory on all these institutions and organizations within a 200 mile radius from downtown Chicago. Researched and updated a very outdated directory of general contact info, address, email/website link, and executive director and clergy staff contact info.

Residential Design Development, Construction Document, Bid Submittals to General Contractors

Studio Spicuzza: Architectural Design Independent Contractor,
Merchandise Mart, Chicago

Residential high rise, 5 W. Wabash Elevator Lobby Corridors – Typical

Wine Bar/Restaurant, River North Wine Bar/Bistro Restaurant

Residential 68 story, North & South Towers, Gold Coast 1212 N Lakeshore

Residential 2.5 story brownstone, Lincoln Park West George Residence

Residential high rise, Gold Coast 1000 Plaza, Gold Coast Residences *3 units

Residential 1 story flat, Lincoln Park Commonwealth on the Park Residence 

Project Administration

Joint Venture projects with Smith and Smith: Worked with partner on updating invoices, documents, and answering comments online via E-Builder software.

Harding Partners projects: Scanned, e-filed, and filed all direct and indirect invoices to and from Harding Partners to clients and consultants, dating from 2015 to present. Re-organized entire filing cabinets and online filing management system into subfolders for invoices, contracts, agreements, and supplemental information. Set up a master spreadsheet for the office on unpaid invoices for 2018 and 2019.

Chicago Housing Authority- Alfreda Barnett Duster Apartments: Set up a full comprehensive package for Schematic Design phase, Design Development phase, and Construction Document phase. These packages were to be submitted to CHA and enclosed was Request for Payment, Waiver of Lien, Fee Payment forms, contract documents, all direct, indirect, reimbursable expense reports from all parties and consultants, and calculation spreadsheets per project phase, on behalf of the Joint Venture. Organized and researched open invoices from all consultants into a calculated, tabulated spreadsheet.

Chicago Housing Authority- Altgeld Gardens: Coordinated and updated Fee Analysis reports and supporting documents for pending fees.

Chicago Housing Authority- Vivian Carter Apartments: Coordinated Word documents to send to clients on overdue project phase invoices. Updated all invoice summaries dating from the start of project to finish.

Frank Lloyd Wright – Lloyd Lewis House, CHA Altgeld Gardens, CHA Artesian, and St. Gertrude Church Exterior Facade: Set up and constantly updated project summary spreadsheets for all architect, client, and consultant invoices for Harding Partners, Smith and Smith, and for Smith Harding Joint Venture.

Skokie Central Synagogue: Set up invoice master spreadsheet for invoices per phase, expense reports, and an internal spreadsheet on employee hours, expenses, direct/indirect reimbursables and hourly rates for Harding Partners to and from clients and consultants. Emailed to client an outgoing invoice with a Construction Payout Request attached for review.

Public Building Commission- Corliss High School: Set up invoice master spreadsheet for pending project invoices per phase for Harding Partners, Mode Architects, and for the Joint Venture.

Residential, Commercial Permit Review, Code Inspections

-Department of Water Management, House Drain Inspection division
March – May 2019
-Department of Buildings (DOB): Easy Permit Process (EPP) division
July 2018 – March 2019
-Department of Buildings (DOB): Electrical Sign Permit division
July 2018 – March 2019
-Department of Buildings (DOB): Architectural division
June – September 2014, June – September 2015 (Summer Terms)

City of Chicago: Department of Water Management
House Drain Inspection division

(Permit Reviewer Consultants, Stormwater Engineers)

Upload scanned documents of work zone sketches showing street names, roadway layouts, roadway/sidewalk widths, and work zone layouts with a permit number assigned, all into the Archived Sewer Permits directory for year 2019 As-Built projects database for the Department

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Easy Permit Process (EPP) division

EPP: print barcode cover sheets for completed EPP applications for final submittal; highlight EPP paper applications; data entry processing of EPP application info
-Residential, 3B replace brick, tuckpoint chimney
-Residential, 3B plumbing violations
-Residential, 3B masonry brick replacement, lintel replacement
-Residential, brick, 2 story install ventilation for kitchen sink and laundry sink
-Residential, 3B change general contractor (GC) company to a different company 
-Residential, 4A 2 story replace railings and decking on rear porch
-Institutional, B plaza waterproofing: pavers removed, wall cladding removed, drains removed, all three reinstalled
-Residential, 3B rebuild damaged limestone and brick with sealant 
-Residential, 3B replace front facades, windows, masonry; install veneer brick on facade and in conference room
-Residential, 3B extension of women’s bathroom 1800 sf with addition of toilet stall and tuckpointing; Chicago Dept of Fleet and Facility Management (acting owner). Commerce of Chicago Landmarks approval per historic masonry existing construction
-Residential, 3B replace baseboards, trimming, existing garage frame. Same size, same location
-Institutional, 1A, 8 story data center, remove and replace existing roof
-Residential, A2, 14 story, remove and replace roofing material with same
-Residential, 1A, 3 story, violation of replacing rusty steel I beam (lintel). Redo required, brick -Residential, 3B, 3 story, fire damaged drywall in kitchen. Electric, tile, carpet repairs, permits req.
-Residential, 3B, 2 story, install plumbing fixtures 
-Residential, 4A, 1 story, replace drywall, remove drop ceiling 1st floor kitchen, remove non-load bearing partition in basement
-Residential, 3B, 1 story, add a 6 foot exterior fence boarding around house perimeter

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Electrical Sign Permit division

Update permit review status online per Reviewer request to “approved”; regularly update spreadsheet record of all applications submitted and approved
-Restaurants, seafood, American, Asian: outdoor signage
-Retail, athletic stores 
-Retail, grocery store
-Hotel (4 alternative signage designs)
-Mixed use, co-sharing office space, etched plaque at south and east elevation
-Bar, juice bar 
-Retail, clothing store: illuminated blade to be installed on storefront
-Medical, office 
-Bar, brewing company: LED illuminated signage, 8 sf of text to approved
-Medical, dental office 
-Retail, beauty supply and spa: install illuminated signage and awning w/graphics, non illuminated
-Retail, hair salon: application submitted with letter from Aldersman for building permit to install business ID signs that hang over a public way. Letter attached with pending approval of passage 
-Tri-level nightclub/Japanese restaurant/bar
-Banking institutions
-Offices, real estate
-Coffeeshop establishments
-Mixed use: Co-op work share spaces 

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Architectural division (Project Managers, Permit Reviewers)

-Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, porch addition
-Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, drainpipe, roof deck projection, exit sign compliance *Restaurant, existing, new deck addition, stairs, roof expansion
-Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, class B occupancy, garage wall fire ratings comply -Residential, 1 story, 2×2 footing with steel rebar needed
-Residential, 2 story, 2 dwelling units (DU) existing to be converted into 1 DU
-Residential, new pergola, low masonry wall addition
-Residential, masonry 3B construction, roof deck, dormer addition
-Retail, renovation, ADA bathroom addition design compliance, review QA (quality assurance) -Residential, 2 DUs to be converted into 3 DUs
-Office, interior renovation, wall type and fire rating compliance
-Church, existing converted into 10 DUs
-Food establishment, interior renovation, seating space requirements, lighting plan and mech plan need exit signs and kitchen exhaust locations
-Nursing home existing, 1 story and parking lot addition, if built before 1977 provide sprinkler system, generator relocation documentation
-Residential, 4 story masonry, ventilation travel must match all floor plans
-Residential, 6 unit, 4 flat, steel open rear porch and attic renovation, furnace flow and heat loss requirements updated, cost efficiency of mechanical equipment modifications per ASHRAE, duct vane direction compliance
-Retail, 1 story addition, food service equipment details, hood range duct specs, pressurization tables, exhaust calculations, transfer cfm rating schedules, equipment specs, filters, fans, ducts
-Residential, A2 construction, existing midrise, new glass canopy entryway 
-Commercial, class F mercantile, first floor interior renovation, restaurant under 100 occupancy, new kitchen fixtures, hood
-Residential, class J miscellaneous, existing basement converted, replace rear porch with new, porch to have 42” min height guards, new partition wall and louver in kitchen
-Office, existing, class E business, 1 story, class H3 garage must have non combustible wall ratings, document all live loads
-Warehouse, existing storage, existing production offices, mixed zones and occupancy classifications must be documented, garage must have 2 hour fire rating separation
-Residential, 2 story with basement, IV-A construction, erect new garage with 1.5 parking, IV-A construction, erect new non combustible deck, label correct construct types, fire ratings for all structural elements, approximate square footage per room determines # of exits and lighting/ventilation percentages per room
-Residential, install dormer and finish in existing attic
-Residential, show detailed sections, material specs, handrail height, riser and tread details for spiral staircase as special construction, show anchor details and how post location is connected to foundation pier or beam, existing frame shall be 1 hour if floor sf is less than 1600, minimum height for attic knee walls to comply with Chicago building codes, provide live and dead load details, fire rating, smoke detector location, and skylight material specs

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Residential Schematic/ Design Development/ Construction Docs; Joint Venture with Chicago Public Schools

Architectural Project Team Designer and Manager , Chicago
Davenport House, Oak Park, IL
Frank Lloyd Wright, Original Architect

Lloyd Lewis House, Libertyville, IL
Frank Lloyd Wright, Original Architect

Corliss High School, Chicago, IL
Joint Venture with Chicago Public Schools and Smith & Smith Associates

Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center Proposal
Helped organize team coordination and all letters to be sent to public hearing meetings on vetoing potential plans in altering the historical site with additional new designs. The efforts and nationwide support on vetoing the proposal was deemed successful.