Morpholio’s New In-App Feature for Trace, Bridges Traditional Hand Drawing with Smart Technology – Publication 03.23.21

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With advanced versions of digital magic developing every day, architects and designers now are able to connect more fluidly with the global design community. In this paperless, new era we live in, we welcome a recently launched feature in Morpholio’s Trace app, the Smart Hatch. 

Morpholio has four apps built-in. The popular Trace app with the newest feature plugs the traditional architect profession into today’s digital world with smart hatching, “trace paper” capabilities, and the precision of AutoCAD intelligence. 

With the use of an Apple Pencil, the Smart Hatch feature allows enhanced adjustments in the tolerance, shading, and scaling of a pattern, as well as saving into a new hatch library, as compared to AutoCAD. Users can use the Smart Fill feature to hatch in concrete and reinforced steel details, roof shingles and wall panels in elevations, and wood planking in floor plans.

Programming analysis with hatch diagrams is available as well. The ability to calculate the pricing and surface area of materials used is also available for material budgets. Custom designed hatches will be available to users in the near future.

“Good hatch work not only brings both textural beauty and depth to a drawing, it conveys technical insight about detail and materiality” says Joey Swerdlin, Morpholio Community Director.  

Morpholio has three other apps that are constantly morphing with new features. The Morpholio Board app for interior designers has live viewing of furniture placement and the ability to generate spec spreadsheets. 

The Morpholio Journal app has the feature of a modern, smart Sketchbook. This app has partnered with Moleskin notebooks and will have a very exciting, upcoming feature of printing your journal as a Moleskin notebook!

The Morpholio Design Portfolio digitally syncs your work on online platforms and devices. Printing features and pinup critiques can be explored in collaboration with your portfolio and others in a public or private forum.