Architectural Work
Harding Partners
Architectural Designer
Chicago, IL April 2019 – March 2020

Public Building Commission – Corliss High School
Chicago Public Schools
Harding Mode Joint Venture Consultant Team: CCJM Engineers, Terra Engineering, Goodfriend Magruder, Jacobs / Ryan Associates, IRCA, HPZS
Discipline: Trade Group 001 – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Site Work, Masonry, Thermal and Moisture Protection, Finish and Carpet, Concrete and General Trade

60% Construction Documents
Worked on Reflected Ceiling Plans based on the PBC 60% CD comments; Updated keynotes, hatches, legend, room tags, and overall graphics; Set up new room finish schedule, using other firm’s setup (model to paper space) for Buildings A, B, and D Athletic; Redlines per PH, original SOM drawings; Tested most efficient way for room label layout in model/paperspace/views/ constructs, due to updated floor plan shifting & sheet coordination

90% Construction Documents
Updated, re-positioned room labeling on RCP plans, floor plans, finish schedule; Exterior elevation redlines; Final sweep through redlines on roof demo, exterior elevations (ie. exist. light fixtures, “corner beyond” notes); Updated room finish, door schedule w/ remark notes referencing to keynote tags (ie. updated schedule/notes from other firm). Updated layer management to match HP standards; Another round of redlines; Archived 90% submittal set.

Issue for Permit
Floor plan keynote tags and general note revisions; Roof plan Athletic Building base bid, bid alternate plan revisions; site visit prep and PH review

100% Construction Documents
Phase three construction diagrams; 6 hours Final sweep for Construction milestone items using 100% CD milestone checklist and coordination w/roofing notes per JV Mode; Double check all work and layer management for revisions 3, 4, 5 (clouds, delta)

Issue for Bid – Addendum
Addenda No. 1 revisions: roof saddle details; Addendum No. 2 revisionsL Membrane Roofing Spec section (23 sheets total) and grind & tuckpointing % per PH; verify control joint locations per SOM drawings

Specs, Research, Bid Alternates, Addendum
Revise Addendum Specs word doc and index sheet G010 (Bid
Alternates); Clean sweep thru Bulletin items per PM on Structural sheets (grout and mortar notes); Update 4 sheets with Bulletin No. 2; Keyed in changes to Bulletin document; Updated labeling for Tech Binder via InDesign to add in RFIs and Bulletins; Double checked all sections (missing, etc.) per Book 3 – Technical Specifications Package; Updated revisions to Bid Alternates with Trade Package word doc (Request for Bid) proposal.

Construction Admin/Office Admin Bidding & Construct tasks including Project Manual Bulletin document-editing and set up invoices from HP to HMJV Mode invoice for Bidding, Const. Admin Services.

Architectural Work
Harvard Jolly Architects
Architectural Designer
Tampa, FL, September 2005 – October 2006

Azalea Library Conversion (SD)
Baycare Data Center Study (SD)

Bellair Beach Community Center (CD)
Hernando County School Board: Elementary School “J” (SD, CD)
Hernando County School Board: Elementary School “I” (CD)
Meadowlawn Service Center (SD)
NFRMC Tower Addition (SD, CD)
Pasco County School Board: Middle School “CC” Wesley Chapel (CA)
Pasco County School Board: Middle School “DD” Sweetbriar (CD, CA)
Pasco County School Board: Middle School “EE” (SD/ CD)
Pasco County School Board: Elementary School “G” St. Michael’s (CD)
Pasco County School Board: Elementary School “J” (Meadow Point) (CD)
Pasco County School Board: Elementary School “K” Mitchell (CD)
Pasco County School Board: Elementary School “M” (SD, CD)
PCSB Boca Ciega High School (SD)
Pinellas County School Board: Azalea Library Conversion (SD)
Pinellas County School Board: Meadowlawn Service Center (SD)
SDMC Elementary School “D” (CD)
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (SD)
Tenant Healthcare Corporation: Tower Addition (CD)

Redlining and drafting of interiors and FF&E; Protocol drafting packages for county school board campuses across West Florida including equipment specs, construction details, millwork details, reflective ceiling plans, sections; Set up CAD blocks for equipment specs; Set up comprehensive number of interior elevation sheets from Schematic Design Phase to Final