DOB Filing, Code Research, Landmarks Preservation Commission Submittals, Building Management Sets


Architectural Design
Walter Sedovic Architects
Remote, New York City, February – March 2022
Religious, Brooklyn: Presbyterian Church
Submittal work for Landmarks Preservation Commission including roof studies, existing condition photograph layouts, exterior material sourcing locally for existing paving plaza

Architectural Design

Jill Menoff Architect P.C.
Remote, New York City, October – November 2021
Residence, Upper West Side: (2) 16 story hi-rises, D4 (elevator co-op)
1,000 sf Bid Set, Building Management Set, and DOB Filing Set

City of Chicago
Seasonal Architectural Assistant
Chicago, IL

City of Chicago Task List

Department of Water Management
House Drain Inspection division (Permit Reviewers, Stormwater Engineers)

Chicago, IL March – April 2019
Upload scanned documents of work zone sketches showing street names, roadway layouts, roadway/sidewalk widths, and work zone layouts with a permit number assigned, all into the Archived Sewer Permits directory for year 2019 As-Built projects database for the Department

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Easy Permit Process (EPP) division

Chicago, IL July – September 2018  
Print barcode cover sheets for completed EPP applications for final submittal; highlight EPP paper applications; data entry processing of EPP application info

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Electrical Sign Permit division

Chicago, IL July – September 2018 
Update permit review status online per Reviewer request to “approved”, regularly update spreadsheet record of all applications submitted and approved

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (DOB)
Architectural division (Project Managers, Permit Reviewers)
Chicago, IL June – September 2014
Chicago, IL June – September 2015
Chicago, IL June – September 2016
City code research before final approval