Fine Arts Portfolio


Growing up in a family of artists, following my mother to every art show and festival every summer as a kid, face painting on children during holiday events at the mall, painting a haunted house and a wicked black cat on storefront windows for Halloween window painting contests at school, starting up a string bracelet and bead jewelry business and designing all brochures, pamphlets, photographing all work with my best friend as we knocked on neighbors doors every summer, assisting kids in fine arts classes (lanyard and hemp jewelry) at summer camp, hand sketching at the Cleveland botanical gardens, painting acrylic of houses by the Cleveland museum of art, using charcoal and pastels to create perspective views inside exhibition hallways of the art museum, etc. This path perpetually continues on as I applied and got accepted into the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1997.

At the School, I enrolled in core classes of wire mesh jewelry, woodshop/ furniture design, acrylic painting, graphic design, 2 point perspective drawing, line drawing, digital photography, printmaking, typography, charcoals, ceramics, fibers, life studies, etc.

FInal Rendering




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