NJS Resume
Journalism Portfolio

Nathalie J Siegel is an energetic self-starter, exhibiting a natural talent with a formal education in Graphic Design and Architecture. She brings excitement and a broad range of multi-disciplinary thinking to the table by envisioning how to tell a story.

As a natural journalist, she has so many ideas needing to be expressed via different art media. Therefore, her multi-disciplinary background boosts her role in journalism, extending beyond the codes of an architect’s handbook.

Nathalie J researches demographics and can fully understand what type of tone and voice an audience is seeking to absorb when reading an article.

She is monthly contributor for Florida Designer Homes as well as a Communications Chair for USGBC (United States Green Building Council) of South Florida. 

In closing, as she stays on top of our caffeinated culture and progressively prepares to become a licensed architect, Nathalie J will always have something to say, via graphics and via journalism.

Florida Designer Homes e-Magazine Penthouse Makeover
September-October 2013 Sunday Stories  

Florida Designer Homes e-Magazine Outdoor Living Spaces January 2012 Renovating & Building “Green” Using “green” benchmarking practices in renovating an existing home, via LEED, EnergyStar, REGREEN, and many other innovative words our updated society has breathed our options on.

Florida Designer Homes e-Magazine Ultra Modern May 2012, Volume 1, Number 6 Back to the Future  How modern and ultra-modern design is transcending our image-conscious society, within half of a second.

Florida Designer Homes e-Magazine Home Entertainment amd Automation September 2012, Volume 2, Number 2 Rock Star Seats to Your Favorite Show Our movie culture ranging from drive-in theatres based on the 1970′s movie Grease to black and white VCRs to cinema theatres… our timeline has finally reached the point of becoming more aware of society needs in cost efficiency, acoustical comfort, environmental concerns and customizing needs to watch an entertaining movie in the comfort of your own home.


Jacksonville Healthcare News & Hospital Report Jacksonville Report September 2012

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