Downtown River North

This is a sample of a Design Development and Space Planning package I developed for a local resident that was in need for creative, functional, and smart planning approaches in enhancing the “live/work from home” lifestyle at 540 square foot rental she begins to work remotely. This project involved one on one meetings outside as well as virtually. We walked through her lifestyle needs, furniture styles, considerations, and challenges in having a large size dog in such a small space. I followed up with existing and proposed layouts, precedent images as well as proposed images. I also set up a detailed spreadsheet of specifications for selected furnishings and accent pieces per her recommended furniture styles. PDF Link

DOWNTOWN RIVER NORTH: This high rise convertible rental displays two phases of multi-functional ways to enhance the feel of “live/work from home” studio within a 540 square foot space. Along the north side of the apartment, an existing load-bearing column defines a separation between the two spaces. A non-load bearing, gypsum board covered stud wall aligns the direction of the column, forming a “half” wall.

The breakfast bar serves as an aesthetically pleasing element where it “separates” the kitchen from the living room. This openness feel runs parallel to the open feel of the full north wall of glazing and balcony elements.

The floor plan maximizes its potential of exploring different phases of space planning to best suit the needs of the resident.

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