Project Administration

Joint Venture projects with Smith and Smith: Worked with partner on updating invoices, documents, and answering comments online via E-Builder software.

Harding Partners projects: Scanned, e-filed, and filed all direct and indirect invoices to and from Harding Partners to clients and consultants, dating from 2015 to present. Re-organized entire filing cabinets and online filing management system into subfolders for invoices, contracts, agreements, and supplemental information. Set up a master spreadsheet for the office on unpaid invoices for 2018 and 2019.

Chicago Housing Authority- Alfreda Barnett Duster Apartments: Set up a full comprehensive package for Schematic Design phase, Design Development phase, and Construction Document phase. These packages were to be submitted to CHA and enclosed was Request for Payment, Waiver of Lien, Fee Payment forms, contract documents, all direct, indirect, reimbursable expense reports from all parties and consultants, and calculation spreadsheets per project phase, on behalf of the Joint Venture. Organized and researched open invoices from all consultants into a calculated, tabulated spreadsheet.

Chicago Housing Authority- Altgeld Gardens: Coordinated and updated Fee Analysis reports and supporting documents for pending fees.

Chicago Housing Authority- Vivian Carter Apartments: Coordinated Word documents to send to clients on overdue project phase invoices. Updated all invoice summaries dating from the start of project to finish.

Frank Lloyd Wright – Lloyd Lewis House, CHA Altgeld Gardens, CHA Artesian, and St. Gertrude Church Exterior Facade: Set up and constantly updated project summary spreadsheets for all architect, client, and consultant invoices for Harding Partners, Smith and Smith, and for Smith Harding Joint Venture.

Skokie Central Synagogue: Set up invoice master spreadsheet for invoices per phase, expense reports, and an internal spreadsheet on employee hours, expenses, direct/indirect reimbursables and hourly rates for Harding Partners to and from clients and consultants. Emailed to client an outgoing invoice with a Construction Payout Request attached for review.

Public Building Commission- Corliss High School: Set up invoice master spreadsheet for pending project invoices per phase for Harding Partners, Mode Architects, and for the Joint Venture.

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