Project List

Posted: 02/27/2017 in Contract Work Project List

Studio Spicuzza, Inc.
Zalesiak McNeill Residence: Navy Pier Townhouse Renovation
River North Wine Bar: Back Bar Renovation
Edgewater Park Condo: Edgewater Park Lobby Renovation

HPZS Architects
Chicago Housing Authority: Hansberry Apartments: Set up, drafted DD package, site visit
Wesley Apartments: Redline drafting CD work on roofing plans

City of Chicago: Department of Buildings, Easy Permit Department
Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, porch addition
Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, roof deck projection
Restaurant, existing, new deck addition, stairs, roof expansion Residential, 3 story masonry 3B construction, class B occupancy, new garage
Residential, 1 story, 2×2 footing with steel rebar needed
Residential, 2 story, 2 dwelling units (DU) existing to be converted into 1 DU
Residential, new pergola, low masonry wall addition
Residential, masonry 3B construction, roof deck, dormer addition
Retail, renovation, ADA bathroom addition
Residential, 2 DUs to be converted into 3 DUs
Office, interior renovation Church, existing converted into 10 DUs Food establishment, interior renovation Nursing home existing, 1 story and parking lot addition
Residential, 4 story masonry, ventilation travel relocation
Residential, 6 unit, 4 flat, steel open rear porch and attic renovation
Retail, 1 story addition
Residential, A2 construction, existing midrise, new glass canopy entryway needed
Commercial, class F mercantile, first floor interior renovation restaurant
Residential, class J misc., existing basement converted, replace rear porch, new kitchen partition wall
Office, existing, class E business, 1 story, class H3 new garage with non combustible wall ratings
Warehouse, existing storage, existing production offices, with mixed zones and occupancy, garage with 2 hour fire rating
Residential, 2 story with basement, IV-A construction, erect new garage with 1.5 parking, new non combustible deck
Residential, install dormer and finish in existing attic
Residential, new spiral staircase as special construction

US Green Building Council (USGBC) South Florida Chapter
Natural Design Talent Competition

Kaufman Lynn Construction
Downtown Boca Raton Library

Pirtle Construction/Spinnaker Group
North Palm Beach Elementary

CCS Architecture and Interior Design
Sports Bar/ Family-style Restaurant, Boca Raton (SD)
Mosque, Religious Institution, Ft Lauderdale (PD)
Semper Residence, Ft Lauderdale (PD)
Konover Office, Deerfield Beach (LEED, PD)
Mosque, Religious, Ft Lauderdale (PD) Fee proposal

STILES Corporation
200 Las Olas Place, Fort Lauderdale (CD)
One Plantation Place, Building 4, Tech Suite (TI, CD)
Publix Grove on Bayshore, Miami (SD)
Fresh Market/ Harbor Plaza, Delray Beach (CD)

AIA Ohio
Memorial Coalition competition

Sub-contractor with contractor for HOK
The Ohio State University Medical Campus
ProjectONE: James Cancer Hospital and Acute Care

Sub-contractor with contractor for DesignGroup
The Ohio State University Medical Campus
ProjectONE: McCampbell Hall Ambulatory Modifications

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