Water, Wastewater, Transportation

Posted: 01/12/2011 in LEED Consulting

OSU CRP 783 City Planning: Municipal Functions

Which type of infrastructure project can you put off as a non-issue? Wastewater treatment plant expansion, park development or road-widening project?

Infrastructure and economy are major keywords that give a sense of wholeness and functionality to a city or a town.  Cities and towns are either succeeding or decreasing in its value and strength as an entity.  Many types of infrastructures are what hold together the population and its society.

Water, wastewater and transportation systems are three major types of infrastructures that depend heavily on the city or town’s economy and society.  For instance, water transportation allows for transporting of people, goods, and other economical means.  Any body of water naturally connects the city or town together as a whole as well as links to other parts of neighboring areas.

Wastewater systems affect the cleanliness of water bodies, people drinking water and efficiency of pipe water flow in and out of sewers.  This type of infrastructure also works together to reduce treatment plant odors and minimize untreated waste going into the water.  The power of a sewer plant can improve the sustainability of energy costs.

Water not only improves the sustainability for economical reasons but it is also the backbone of the city or town’s needs.  The abundance and availability of this natural resource is so significant that it needs to be conserved and treated with the best, sustainable measure standards possible.  Water, wastewater, either or, help improve and protect the environmental needs and wants.

Wastewater systems appear as expensive resources but eventually the city or town benefits tremendously from its needs and wants granted after investing monetary measures.

Road widening projects are another significant infrastructure to invest with but not as significant as wastewater projects.  Investments in improving roads are very beneficial and help boost tourism and durability of wear and tear on paved roads.  Property values of homes near the roads are improved as well.

Developing of a new park is yet another way to boost the infrastructure and economy of a particular city or town.  Whether a park is existing or to be proposed, all natural environments with landscaping help preserve the city or town’s history.  Recreating an old park or developing a new one helps improve the economy and tourism of an area.  Also, a re-development of a natural setting may help protect the area and may increase the chances of having the city or town registered into the city’s Register of Historic Places.

Whether or not a city or a town has very congested roadways and no green parks, wastewater systems are more of a credibility affecting people’s lives and health.  There are temporary ways in adjusting to congested roads such as taking shortcuts or using particular roads much less.  Dealing with health of people, marine life, and pollution are much higher factors to attest to as opposed to dealing with tourism and a “money market” on housing.  Basically, all other projects can be put on hold but wastewater system projects.

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